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Orgasmic skincare: 8 steps to glowing radiant skin without lotions or potions

‘Do you sleep in cider vinegar?’ I was asked by someone who has known me for years this week. Those who follow me on social media know, I have been known to recommend waky things so there I was wondering if I had mentioned anything like that in my recent health tips and videos, until she explained she meant ‘you glow more and more every time I see you’. Three other people commented on the health of my skin this week. To be honest, it’s not something I was that aware of but it did make me realise that quite a few things I do and love happen to be pretty good for increasing circulation and nutrient intake to the skin, and none of them include fancy or expensive skin care ranges!

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter what you slap on your skin, if you aren’t healthy from the inside, the outside will bear evidence of that.

The skin is our biggest organ, yet one of the last to be fed by the nutrients from the food we eat which is why looking at someone’s skin gives you a good indication of their diet, lifestyle and most importantly guthealth.

There’s the key to your health and the reason I keep on posting about it! If your gut isn’t optimising nutrient absorption, your skin will suffer. What might be hindering optimum guthealth? The short answer is pathogens, toxins, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, energy blockages and even emotional imbalances (a combination of which is ALWAYS the reason for ANY skin condition), all the things I assess and balance in Kinesiology treatments.

The second thing which your skin relies on to look and feel radiant is increased microcirculation.

So in summary, all the things I do for my skin revolve around improved guthealth and circulation. Save yourself some money on the newest expensive skincare range and ‘wrinkle diminishing’ serum and look after your skin from the inside with these tips:

Sit in the sauna/steamroom at least once a week

The heat of the sauna or steam room opens up your pores allowing toxins to be removed, clearing clogged up pores.

Gua sha a few times a week

Gua Sha is a game-changer when it comes to the health and appearance of your skin. This ancient Chinese healing technique involves you scraping your skin lightly with a smooth edged gemstone tool. It is such a relaxing and wonderful way to improve circulation, relieve tension of facial muscles, reduce puffiness and inflammation.

I have the highest quality sustainable gua sha tools available and all purchases come with a 5 min how-to video call.

A monthly Health MOT

Identify and rectify health imbalances and maximise guthealth with regular Kinesiology testing, including a pathogen purge where needed, a personalised nutrient boost, identifying food triggers, energy clearing and emotional balancing/stress management.

Maintain a healthy sex life

Sex increases your heart rate and and gets the blood flowing resulting in improved blood circulation and increased flow of oxygen to the skin and other organs. Plus, there’s some evidence that the estrogen released during an orgasm actually boosts collagen levels. And the physical activity triggers the human growth hormone, which makes skin look more elastic.

Move outdoors every day

When you are out in nature, your pores are open and your skin breathes better which in turn helps the skin eliminate toxic waste from the body. Needless to say, spending time outdoors promotes mental wellbeing and stress reduction which also helps your skin look and feel happy.

Stay hydrated

Water keeps your organs healthy, clean and refreshed which is reflected in the skin, and it maintains the skin’s elasticity. People who drink plenty of water are less likely to show the signs of ageing.

Minimise alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the skin and it will tend to make you lose heat more readily from blood vessel dilation.

Avoid deep fried foods

Hydrogenated trans fats found in deep fried food will have a negative impact on your complexion because they lead to excess oil production within the skin.

I can see you think ‘some of those things are easier than others’. They are all doable and most even enjoyable, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stick to them most weeks… Have a play! And if you'd like my help via a complementary phone consultation re your skin, please get in touch.

If you are going to do all the above, I suggest taking a before photo, giving it at least two months and then send me a picture of your happy and healthy self!

It’s not about your skin, it’s about your health.

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