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4 reasons why you’re not shifting weight or feeling healthier despite doing all the right things

At the start of this year especially, many of my friends and clients set the intention of making healthier choices, starting with a healthier more plant focused diet, gyms and health and fitness therapists have had an influx of new people filled with determination and a deep desire to be healthier, often to lose weight.

Yet all too often, disappointment kicks in when after a month, the weight may not have come off or stayed off in the desired way and you’re back to your old habits. And that is rarely for lack of genuinely making good health and lifestyle choices, it’s because there are other obstacles which you can’t see and aren’t spoken about which could be hindering you from achieving your weight goal:

1.) Guthealth: A large percentage of clients actually have pathogens such as bacteria or fungus or parasites) which hinder the absorption of all the good food they are eating and often cause inflammation in the gut and food sensitivities. So it’s essential to detect any pathogens and purge them whetehr you want to lose weight and feel healthier.

2.) Diet: On the food front, often when we eat lots of something, even if it’s healthy, the body rejects as it has had enough of it for a bit which shows up by way of severe bloating or constipation, which is counter productive to what you’re trying to do.

3.) Emotional: Based on my testing experience, sometimes there is an element of unresolved trauma which we are hanging on to, and the problem isn’t your perceived excess weight per se but what it represents for you. Tapping can be beneficial at working through any potential emotional obstruction to losing weight.

4.) In Traditional Chinese Medicine a build up of heat in the body causes ill health so it’s not until we assist the body in clearing excess heat that we feel fully restored. In terms of weight, heat is stored in fat cells to keep the heat from negatively impacting the organs. So how can we help the body release heat whilst stimulating the free flow of chi (lifeforce energy) in any of your 5 key organs?

Here's what I myself and many clients successfully use every single morning to help improve my overall wellbeing, release excess heat and stimulate the lymphatic system, all key components of achieving and maintaining your desired weight –

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If you already have one, but could do with seeing my how to use guide, drop me a line.

So in conclusion, whilst you may well have been doing all the right things, if you feel you’re not on the path towards reaching you health goal this year, let me help you get to the bottom of why that might be and remember some of the Chinese wisdom on good health and balanced weight.

If you'd like to discuss how Kinesiology can help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch via 07970 327028

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