• Ann Shorthouse

My mission and policy in face of the current situation

It's business as usual at Taunton Kinesiology!

The only difference is, my role has become even more urgent as before in terms of keeping my clients fit and healthy. There is nothing quite like Kinesiology in terms of helping your immune system function at its best: Where else are you tested for which nutrition (supplements and quantity as well as foods to avoid) you need to do just that, shown tools on how to support your lymphatic system (the body’s first line of defence against disease) whilst also making sure you are energetically in balance (in the similar way as acupuncture does) all in one treatment? Your immune system will thank you.

BUT for me to do my job and help as many people as possible, remain healthy and be certain that I am creating a safe and healthy space for clients to come to, I need to be able to trust that clients will tell me if they have had even mild forms of known Covid-19 symptoms or if they have come anywhere near anyone who did over the last two weeks as soon as possible so that a postponed treatment can be taken by someone else. Thank you for cooperating and understanding.

AND ALSO, the other change is, I am pleased to be able to offer EFT, and lymphatic support advice via online treatments from now on. So, I’m still there to help even if you need to go into isolation or we all go into lock down!

On top of that, I am busy planning, researching and writing relevant health blogs so please check my blog section regularly and let me know your thoughts or feedback

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Thank you in advance for your continued support; it's the best thing you can do for your immune system right now and for an independent local business (referrals welcome as usual, happy to balance family and friends too). I look forward to hearing from you and balancing you.

Best wishes,


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