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3 ways to feel good in your own skin - without counting calories!

Lunch on the beach last Sunday

It seems to be a tad fashionable for women in their 30s to work out hard and often, count calories and then share pictures of their flat bellies...

To you I say, I take my hat off to you for doing that but first, being fit and having a flat belly doesn’t always equate to being healthy and second, my concern is, it turns others off trying to look and feel their best, after all, how many of us have got time to go to the gym/work out for at least an hour 3-5 times a week? I certainly don’t! This just breeds an all or nothing type of attitude to health and fitness.

I treat many clients who don’t feel good in their own skin and being conditioned by common beliefs that it takes gym work outs and radically limiting your calorie intake is just not helpful.

So this is me!

I don’t...

  • go to the gym or do any belly toning

  • leave out certain food groups

  • starve myself or count calories

I do...

  • look after my health, especially my gut health* (drink a shot of aloe every morning and apart from that check through muscle testing what my digestion needs to work at its optimum).

  • eat whatever I want (mainly plant-based diet but also meat and diary if my body tells me it needs some), whenever I feel like it and how much I want and that includes sugar and gluten.

  • love myself (I’ve been through mental illness and years of self sabotage before or in order to get there) and I love my life (again, it took a while to identify what I wanted and I worked hard to fulfil those dreams and goals) and am filled with gratitude.

  • stay active, some form of even short or gentle exercise, preferably out in the fresh air every day.

  • wear clothes which make me feel and look confident (e.g. shorts in winter, bright colours).

So hear are my 3 top tips to feel and look great in your own skin:

Love yourself. Love life. Listen to your body.

Don't let anyone tell you what to do; just listen to your body.

* Gut health is key

It seems trendy to say ‘you are what you eat’ these days but it’s rubbish:

I can’t be the only one who knows people who eat super healthily, exercise regularly but still don’t lose weight?

The truth in the pudding is in your gut function: ‘you are what you absorb’. If your digestion doesn’t function at its optimum, you won’t absorb much of the goodness from the food you’re eating.

So if you want to lose weight, if you want to feel good about your body, let’s investigate what your digestion needs most, energy work, nutrition or emotional balancing.

Kinesiology works so well as it tackles your gut health from all three angles.

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