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Food intolerance testing in Taunton

'Food allergy'? What allergy...?

'Food allergy'? What allergy...?

A client I see for regular balances came very well prepared this morning, in fact she's deserved a medal for the best prepared client ever; I'm usually running into my kitchen to get the odd food which aren't already in my clinic when clients ask me to do food intolerance testing, so she spared me from doing my extra workout!

I have to admit I don't and wouldn't encourage people to test so many different foods in one go nor, as a matter of fact, pay for an expensive 'allergy test' (food testing via blood sample), as often people end up feeling deflated 'so what do I eat now then?!' It can be really overwhelming!

When medical food intolerance tests are done, patients are often told to totally avoid certain foods. As Kinesiologists however and my experience has confirmed this, we believe that certain foods that have come up as not great for the body through muscle testing...

A) are rarely 'allergies'!

Needless to say, allergies exist and can cause severe physical reactions. However, many people who think they have allergies actually have a food intolerances which by nature means it's NOT PERMANENT...

B) should be able to be re-introduced as soon as the body has been balanced by your Kinesiologist which may take several treatments and the body is in the best place.

Isn't that refreshing though, knowing that the 'food allergy' you've been told you have may not be permanent and you may be able to have that food again?!

Let me give you an example of this:

A client with pretty severe digestion problems who I saw a couple of months ago mentioned a dietician had told him to cut out tomatoes, which he did and has for over 5 years; 5 years...? That's not just a long time but a food which is quite a bummer to cut out long-term. Guess what? At the end of the stomach balance we tested tomatoes and through muscle testing he learnt, they are fine in moderation! One happy bunny!!!

So if you fancy checking out which foods are great for you, which to enjoy in moderation and which to cut out for just a short while to help the body heal, please get in touch and book an appointment and we will do just that.

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