• Ann Shorthouse

10 things you didn't know about your Kinesiologist

Many of my regular clients who I have really got to know over the last year often ask about me. And in the same way, I myself am always curious about those who have helped me on my journey, too. So that's how this blog came about. Here are a few 'facts' about your Kinesiologist... I'd love to hear which surprises you the most!

1.) I’ve only twice in my life had a full time job and was made redundant from both in less than a year.

2.) My husband is my first ever and the only boyfriend I’ve ever had.

3.) I’ve lived and worked in four countries: Germany, France, South Africa and of course England.

4.) I studied French and Politics at Bath uni and now teach French and German (most of you already know I’m German).

5.) I adore food, all food (bar mussels) so much that my close friends and family are used to watching me eat long after they’ve finished their food. I regularly eat (or did, EFT helped) a big bag of crisps in one go.

6.) I hardly shop at supermarkets anymore and make everything bar butter from scratch, meaning I spend approx 1-2h a day in the kitchen.

7.) I was German Snake board champion 25 years ago.

8.) I built a successful network marketing business globally and had lots of amazing trips around the world paid for.

9.) People seem to think I’m super fit. I’m pretty healthy but not that fit as I’m not a fan of cardio workouts and find going to the gym incredibly boring. You'll find me in the great outdoors walking the dog or paddle boarding instead!

10.) Nothing makes me happier than paddle boarding and wild camping in my 1972 VW camper Freddie.

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