• Ann Shorthouse

Strong during the storm

Hello - I hope this email finds you well and you are looking after yourselves. Due to the current situation and social distancing rules, I have adapted the ways in which I work so I can continue to help you look after your health, both mentally and physically. Treatments and complementary calls

I am currently treating clients via: 

  • Complementary Discovery Call (to discuss which nutritional supplements or treatment methods are best suited to your needs)

  • Distance Balancing (a combination of acupressure, lymphatic massage, tapping, nutrition) operating on a suggested donation basis

  • EFT Tapping (great for anxiety, stress, pain, negative behaviour/attitude patterns, weight/food related issues, traumatic memories/PTSD) at a reduced cost

Either of these last two treatments use the same techniques I draw upon at my clinic and have the same objective and similar results to what you’re used to or you’d expect from seeing me for Kinesiology/EFT at my clinic. please visit

To schedule a suitable time for a complementary Discovery Call or a reduced cost/donation only Online Treatment

Weekly Health Tips 

  • Live streams via my Facebook page (Mon, Wed, Fri 12pm) including self-help techniques and nutrition advice to boost immunity and my daughter as 'The Breathing Fairy' - click here 

  • Health Clips on YouTube with regular updates - click here

  • Latest blog which I also hope you find useful - click here 

Whether you would like to have a chat about which supplements would suit you best to help boost your immune system right now or about how best to look after your mental health, please don't hesitate to schedule a complementary Discovery Call via my website. I am here to help and look forward to doing so, Ann from Taunton Kinesiology

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