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It's all in the hair!

Hello everyone, I hope you have been keeping healthy and happy during lockdown or rather 'slowdown' as I like to call it. Great things (can) happen to those who make time to slow down. Many clients and friends have told me they have decided to make positive changes to their lives, including the way they work; creating new businesses or even starting art classes! For me, I felt I owed it to my clients to find a way of offering my treatments remotely, and I’m so pleased I’ve been able to do just that…

EFT Online Treatments

Many existing and new clients have hugely benefited from my online EFT treatments and the EFT seems to work as well, if not better, via Zoom.

Kinesiology Treatments using hair sample testing

The hair sample testing has become very popular and allows me to treat anyone anywhere, including those who were previously unable to attend due to illness; To test your hair, all I need is a hair sample (approx 6 strands does the job) which you can send or drop off with me following your online booking. I then email you an online form to fill in to help me understand where your health is at right now and what I’m focusing on when testing. I use the hair sample on a surrogate who I muscle test; it’s as accurate as when you are with me in person, it’s quite astonishing! Based on the results of the testing, I draw up a Treatment Plan including acupressure, nutrition (deficiencies, supplements where needed, food sensitivities), energy psychology and lymphatic massage. All of which I then talk you through using online video calling.

To book a hair sample test and treatment plan, please choose the ‘Kinesiology’ option

Clinic Re-opening

I still plan to reopen my clinic doors on 4 July (for clients who adhere to my Covid protection policy) but I will continue to offer online treatments forever. For those who would prefer to come to my clinic on re-opening, bookings for July are now open, priority will be given to those who were postponed due to lockdown.

Until we meet (again), in person or virtually, please don't forget there is lots of FREE support available on my youTube channel - click here

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