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7 ways to guarantee you will achieve your goals this year

So many of us start the year with great intentions; in fact I spend a lot of time after Christmas making a note of things I want to do differently or things I desire based on the lessons learnt. I feel there is always a sense of excitement and great energy in the air for that very reason in the first week of the year. But then, as life gets back to normal, routine sets back in, old habits re-appear and we start observing that things have slipped, often being quite hard on ourselves...

So what can we do to re-energize all the things we would like to manifest this year? At the time of writing we still have 11 months left, 11 months to achieve great things...

Why wait...? Manifestation is easier than you think but it’s knowing what to do and committing to yourself to embark on the process. The great thing is, once you have done this, you won’t slip, you will at the very least get closer to what you want by the universe aligning itself.

Here are my 7 steps:

  1. Decide on something you want to manifest: Be specific; so rather than saying ‘I want more business this year’, define how many clients that equates to. Your chosen manifestation should be something relatively realistic, as in do-able albeit potentially a stretch, but equally something you really and truly desire.

  2. Make a note of you goal or desire, ideally in a dedicated journal. Listing all the reason why you want this will help you get emotionally attached to your goal.

  3. Practice visualization techniques for a few days, then at regular intervals. There are plenty to choose from on YouTube, otherwise follow this:

With closed eyes and in a seated position, focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes to put yourself into somewhat of a trance. Once you are completely relaxed, imagine your desire/goal being played out in your mind’s eye and then focus on your emotions, what are you feeling now that it has happened? Can you feel the warmth or excitement rushing through your veins?

  1. Come up with some affirmations relating to your goal, i.e. how do you need to be or act to achieve your goal? Say you’re a childminder wanted to improve her reputation, you’re affirmation might be ‘I am fun.’ Make a note of your affirmations in your journal or anywhere next to your goal. Read or ideally write these affirmations out every day for a month.

  2. Taking action holds a ‘feel good factor’ so ask yourself, ‘what steps am I prepared to take to make this goal happen this year?’ Get out there and show the universe you mean business and you will further raise your vibrations toward alignment.

  3. Keep your energies positive and vibrations high by making a gratitude list; why not start with making a note of three things you are grateful for every evening ?

  4. A few emotions which sometimes get in the way may be worth addressing here: Think about how or why you deserve your goal. Once you have done all the above and keep it up, detach yourself from the outcome, focus on the visualization and the process and most importantly, let go and TRUST, allow the universe to align itself to make your goal happen and it will, this year!

Keep me posted on how you get on, let me know if you need any help getting into a state where you really believe this can happen or if you have that negative voice constantly putting doubt in your mind… Kinesiology can help with both!

Happy manifesting your goals this year!

Wishing you a happy and successful 2019,


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