• Ann Shorthouse

9 Winter Warmers

9 ways of staying happy and healthy this winter

1. Eat more colours

Embrace in season fresh vegetables. Hearty slow-cooked meals full of fresh colourful vegetables will help keep you in better health.

2. Bathe in fresh air

Get outside as much as possible during daylight in winter, it will help you sleep well and and help keep your body’s most important systems running smoothly. If for whatever reason you can’t find the time or energy for that, how about sitting by an open window, appreciating the natural beams or the sun, sunset or moonlight?

3. Stay hydrated

Turning up the heating and layering up comes with its own issues - overheating and dry air means you’re in danger of dehydrating which often goes unrecognised in the winter months. If you’re prone to forgetting to drink plenty during the colder months, dry keeping a bottle of water at your desk or on the dining table.

4. Wear bright colours

So many people wear dark colours in the winter months but scientists have found that colours can have an uplifting psychological effect: Looking at warm, bright colours such as pink or red, releases dopamine - known as the ‘feel good hormone’ whilst cool blues have been linked to the release of oxytocin, making you feel more calm.

5. Why leave the house..?

Can’t or don’t fancy going to the gym or excercising outdoors?

I’m a really active person and love nothing more than exercising outdoors, in the winter however other than the odd run with my dog, I find it difficult to feel energetic enough to get out there or make my way to the gym so this works well for me and might for you:

Plan a little set workout routine which doesn’t require any equipment and you can do anywhere around your house; include your favourite yoga poses, a twist, some lunges and hip openers. Go get yourself pen and paper right now and make a note of your personal mini home workout

6. Make golden milk at bedtime

Warm up some milk, I use coconut and add plenty of ideally fresh otherwise any turmeric powder. Curcumin, the active ingredient of the spice is loaded with antioxidants helps boost the immune system and mood amongst many other things. I also add cardamom and cinnamon. It really glows golden and is full of warming spices.

7. Switch to ’Night mode’

Set your screens to automatically switch to ‘night mode’ when the sun sets, so the excess blue light we experience during the longer evenings doesn’t mess with your sleep. The f.lux app does this automatically and self-adjusts in synchronisation with the sunset.

8. Boost your zinc levels

Consider supplementing with zinc, an essential trace element which I find many of my clients are deficient in whilst it can help target fatigue. Zinc is actually the second most prevalent mineral in the body and is required for the proper functioning of almost every cell in the body. It can be found in fish, meat, eggs, mushrooms and spinach.

9. Book a Kinesiology balance

Regular health MOTs with your Kinesiologist will help detect and balance any imbalances to help boost and strengthen your digestion and immune system nutritionally and energetically.

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