• Ann Shorthouse

To supplement or not to supplement?

When it comes to supplementation, there are two schools of thought - which do you fall into?

A.) Those who take supplements just because they think it’s the right thing to do or someone suggested a particular supplement.

B.) Those who believe everything your body needs and be extracted from the food you eat.

As a Kinesiologist, I fall into neither of these camps! Here’s why...

A.) Supplement just in case?

The story of Jim in the news today (link below) proves that even ‘healthy’ or good quality supplements can be harmful unless you know if your body needs or can indeed digest them. I would go as far as to say most people taking supplements are wasting their money and it’s just leading to very expensive urine, in most cases! Why take a supplement unless you know for sure your body needs it?

B.) No need?

I’d love to think and know this was true but if you have a nutrient deficiency which is causing you to be and feel out of sync, it may take a while to rectify that with foods you eat: Let's say you have a Vitamin C deficiency? How about you eat 19 green peppers starting tomorrow?

In my case, a B12 deficiency diagnosed by a Kinesiologist and a high quality B12 supplement 18 months ago is probably the single most important thing which saved me from having major brain surgery and taking strong drugs for many months or years, as the medical profession had suggested. So, am I grateful supplements exist and that my Kinesiologist picked up on this deficiency? Oh yes.

Here’s the thing; in its pure and balanced state, the body should not need any supplementation but supplementation can help or even be essential in getting the body back to that state in the first place. This is why, you shouldn’t need a particular supplement for months. It should just be a temporary tool to help your body heal naturally.

So if you’ve been taking a particular supplement for more than six months, think about why...

Do I take supplements myself?

Yes I do but I only take what I know my body needs at any one time for a couple of months just to get back into balance. That’s where muscle testing comes in, why guess it if you can test it: your body has all the answers! Kinesiology allows you to access those answers.

So whether you’re keen to learn what nutrients you may be deficient in or which of your current supplements are not doing a thing for your body, book a consultation with Taunton Kinesiology and we’ll do some ‘nutritional forensics’, as I call it.

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