• Ann Shorthouse

How can a diary and a dialogue improve your overall health?

How are YOUR feelings and emotions impacting your health?

This week is Mental Awareness Week - a topic which is close to my heart given that I've been there and it resulted in physical illness with doctors suggesting brain surgery and because almost every time I balance an organ, it is confirmed to me via muscle testing that there is an emotional element...

Most of us and nearly all my clients have stored/locked away emotions in our bodies for potentially years which can hugely impact our physical wellbeing without us being aware of the connection and all too often lead to niggling problems like a cold or even long-term illness like fatigue, anxiety or pain.

What can you do TODAY to improve your mental health and thereby your physical wellbeing?

* START A DIARY Get yourself a lovely new note book and commit to writing into it once a day for at least a month, write about anything: how are you feeling today, what are you proud of, who upset you, which behavioural patterns have you had for years, what are you grateful for, when you think of a past fear or hurt, where can you feel it? Journaling is incredibly healing.

* OPEN UP A DIALOGUE Who has upset you in the past which may still today cause over sensitivity to certain situations? Why not get together with that person, pick up the phone and just share you felt or how it may be impacting you still today in a calm non-accusing manner. Or if this is too much, how about writing a heartfelt letter to this person whether you send it off or not. Voicing your feelings to another person is the best way of releasing negative emotions from your body.


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