• Ann Shorthouse

A good jaw rub may do the job

We all hold tension in the jaw, some of us notice it, others don’t. Releasing tension in the jaw has many benefits since the nerves and muscles of this area have a huge impact on our overall health. Regularly rubbing your jaw as described below provides many benefits including:

  • Hormonal balancing

  • Pain reduction

  • Toxic elimination

  • Headache reduction

  • Relaxation of many muscles in the body

This self help technique you may wish to give a go not only calms your nervous system but also balances the whole structure. Give yourself (or do a swap with a loved one/friend) a good regular jaw rub. I now do it every time I’m in the sauna or steam room, at that is at least once a week!

Starting under the corners of your mouth on top of the bone and rub the muscles all round up to the joint that opens to talk and chew and then all around your ears on your head. It is completely normal to feel tender or even hurt. Do this several times and quite firmly so you can feel any discomfort and rub it away or at least until it reduces.

Here’s to all the jaw rubbers in Taunton!

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