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Whether you are just not feeling right or would like a particular health problem addressed, we can help identify the root cause and the solution.

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Is Kinesiology for me?


It certainly is if you are...

Generally feeling out of sync.

Interested in exploring the root cause of your illness.

Wondering if you might be sensitive to certain foods. 

Keen to investigate which nutrients your body might be deficient in.

Suffering from an illness which is puzzling you or the medical profession.


Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing to detect...

* food sensitivities 

* nutrient deficiencies

* which organ in your body needs attention

* which emotions are impacting your body

Your body has all the answers and it never lies. The answers are communicated by way of muscle testing, taking the guess work out of the equation.


Once imbalances are identified, nutritional, structural and energy correction techniques are used to help
restore your body’s balance.



Kinesiology is a holistic natural therapy integrating the ancient wisdom of oriental medicine with modern science. 

Whether you are well and want to make sure you stay well or your body is expressing an imbalance by way of pain, stress or illness, Kinesiology can help.

Nutrition and food sensitivity advice in Taunton. Alternative therapists.

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What can kinesiology help with?

I have helped people with different types of problems from trapped nerve and recurring colds to constipation or tennis elbow get their bodies back into balance. Whatever it may be for you, Kinesiology looks at the root cause rather than the symptoms of a problem. We use gentle muscle testing to check which organs are out of balance. In doing so, the root of a problem or health issue may not be what is expected, e.g. a shoulder issue could be linked to an unidentified digestion problem. So in short, if one circuit in our body is re-balanced this often solves a whole host of problems your body has been experiencing. That is the power of Kinesiology.

I am feeling fine. Why would want to see a Kinesiologist?

Whilst I am happy to help people who are experiencing a range of complaints, Kinesiology works exceptionally well and I almost prefer working with people from the perspective of preventing problems before they arise. When the body is regularly balanced it can effectively heal itself.

What can I expect from the session?

After completing a short questionnaire on your first visit, you will lie, fully clothed on the treatment bed while I employ a variety of simple and painless muscle tests. Once any problems areas have been identified, acupressure massage, nutritional suggestions, and techniques may also be utilised to restore balance. Consultations last approximately one hour.

I am fit and strong, so surely none of my muscles will reveal a weakness or imbalance?

Every muscle is linked to a particular organ in your body. Your body's response depends on the state of balance of the organ which is being tested, not the strength of that muscle. A rugby player's quads may test weak despite the fact that they are muscular, indicating that there is an imbalance in the small intestine. Still sceptical? Come and see for yourself.

How many sessions will I need?

Changes are often experienced immediately, though 3–6 sessions are usually recommended depending on the reason for your visit. Having said that, personally I myself have a kinesiology session once a month/ regularly to make sure that my body stays in balance and any imbalances are detected early on before they become a problem.

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